Lithuania to Lorain:
A Jewish Journey

In the winter of 1921, the Goldberg family trekked more than 5,000 miles from Lithuania to Lorain, Ohio. They traveled by horse-drawn cart, by ship across the Atlantic to New York, and then by rail to the Midwest and the shores of Lake Erie. This book documents their saga, a classic immigrant tale, from continent to continent and generation to generation. 

Rave Reviews:

Budd Margolis,  Consultant, Super Selling TV, WEB, Mobile & Social Media Commerce 

Hollace Weiner has created one of the finest family history books I have seen. Filled with family stories and photos, documents, maps and charts that explain her meticulous and fascinating story of discovery. This is a quality printed glossy, well written & researched coffee table-sized book that traces her Goldberg side of the family with personal letters, articles and stories that bring back to life the story of Eastern European immigrants. It is a labour of love, expertly and carefully researched, over years and many miles, and the end product is truly stunning.

The book Lithuania to Lorain: A Jewish Journey, The First Generation of Goldbergs in America is a genealogical goldmine. This journey of exploration and archival discovery is an example of how to create a family history that will last for generations. Disclosure: I am a relative and mentioned in this book but even if I was not, I would still be proud of its quality and high standard of journalism.

Lithuania to Lorain – If They Could Speak…

Jonathan D. Sarna, Joseph & Belle R. Braun Professor of American Jewish History, Brandeis University, author of American Judaism: A History 

Thank you so much for your family history.  It is among the best that I have read.  One often reads about name changes to avoid army service, but you have precise details.  You also illuminate Lorain, a forgotten community.  The pictures and documents are marvelously reproduced. A treasure!

Bryan Edward Stone, Associate Professor of History, Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, Texas. Author of The Chosen Folks: Jews on the Frontier of Texas 

Lots of fun to read, very well-researched, and way more personal detail on a family history than one usually sees.